The Women's Collective Card Game

890 ฿

We joined arms with our sister based in Amsterdam to present to you: The Women's Collective — a card game to empower us through our reproductive journeys. Pear and Laia were roommates living in San Francisco and they always had honest conversations about their bodies. The Women's Collective is a reflection of their learning and friendship. 

Seven thoughtfully crafted sets of cards that allow you to deepen your relationships with yourself and your fellow sisters.

The Women’s Collective game is optimized for 3-5 players, but can be played with as few or as many people as you need for an honest conversation to take place. 

Seek community, trust the process, and allow your curious self to play!


  • Menstruation

  • Contraception

  • Health

  • Anatomy

  • Fertility

  • Sexual Awakening

  • Self-Love

Product Photography by Jack Dyamonds 

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