Jimmy Tote Bag

700 ฿

All unique. All normal. Perfectly beautiful.

Just like our hands, noses and eyes, all vulvas are unique! However, there’s usually just one kind of vulva shape being displayed in popular media. Many of us aren’t familiar with our anatomy, and what we learn —typically from the internet, friends, or porn — aren’t accurate. All over the world, we are constantly faced with a distorted image of the ‘perfect’ vulva, presented as ‘normal’. This has led many girls and women to believe that we don’t fit the ‘normal’ image.

If you have ever felt insecure about your vulva, know that you are not alone.  Learning about vulva anatomy and appreciating our own can be incredibly healing. The Jimmy Totebag is an expression of self-love and admiration designed by our talented friend and multimedia artist, Bell Bench. Paint it, fill it up, take it for a spin — make it yours!


  • Inner pocket designed for easy-to-find menstrual products 
  • Made from 100% thick, unbleached cotton (sturdy and holds shape)
  • Bag comes in plain black print 
  • Made in Thailand
  • For any genders of all ages
  • Dimensions: 
    • Length: 40 cm 
    • Height: 36 cm 
    • Width (bottom) 14 cm

Limited items left:  24

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