• Do I need to wear a panty liner when wearing Proof’s underwear? 
    The Everyday Undie is an excellent replacement to a traditional pantyliner. By switching to Proof, you can help to reduce single-use period plastic waste! MAJOR win for you and Mother Earth.
  • What is the Everyday Undie good for?
    The Everyday Undie is leak-resistant, making it an excellent protection for light spotting, discharge, in-between days, and any other light leak life throws at you. With an absorbent lining that holds up to 1 light tampon or a panty liner, this super soft pair provides you peace of mind and built-in protection.
  • Is the Everyday Undie breathable?
    Proof’s Everyday Undies are made with breathable, buttery-soft microfiber that moves with your body for an ultra-comfortable fit. They’re designed with delicate, scalloped edges to eliminate panty lines — so, say hello to invisible leak protection.
  • Is the Everyday Undie maternity-friendly?
    You got it, mama. The Everyday Undie is a pregnancy must-have: breathable fabric, protection from unexpected leaks (hellooooo, baby on your bladder!), and multi-way stretch in a low-rise silhouette to accommodate that growing bump.