• Will the Brief control for sweat and odor?
    Yes! The Brief is created using antimicrobial fibers that inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduces odor. The moisture-wicking lining pulls moisture - including sweat - away from the body and into the leakproof core, helping you to feel dry and comfortable.
  • How long can I wear them for?
    The Brief absorbs up to 2 regular pads’ worth of liquid or 6 tsp. If you have a light to moderate flow, the Brief will handle your flow for an entire day - or night. We recommend wearing a pair of Proof in the right absorbency level for 12 hours, and then changing like you typically would after a shower, after getting up in the morning, or before going to bed in the evening.
  • What type of leaks is the Brief good for?
    The leakproof brief is perfect for moderate periods, light bladder leaks, sweat, spotting, discharge, and everyday wear. You’ll love it for replacing pads and pantyliners, and to replace or back up tampons and cups. The brief holds up to 2 regular pads or 6 tsp.
  • Can this underwear replace pads, tampons, or cups?
    The leakproof brief by Proof can be used to replace or back up tampons and cups, or replace pads and pantyliners. Proof undies pull liquid into the absorbent core, so layering a pad over the gusset will not allow Proof to do its *super absorbent, moisture-wicking* magic.